Who We Are


''The Government of Uganda recognises TVET as an essential contributor to the prosperity of Individuals and substained economic growth and development of the country"



The department of TVET Operations and Management was formed after a mini-restructuring of the Ministry of Education and Sports that created the TVET Directorate in April 2021. The department is comprised of four divisions, as below, to guide TVET delivery at 142 existing government and registered private training institutions and TVET providers. The divisions are as below:

  1. Business Social Development Education and Training (BSDET) for non-engineering and science-technology-based technical training colleges
  2. Operating Procedures and Standards (OPS) for TVET policy standards, strategies, operating procedures and guidelines
  3. Vocational Education and Training (VET) for vocational education training institutions (VTIs) and Skills Development Centers (SDCs).
  4. Technical Polytechnics Education and Training (TPET) for engineering and science technology-based technical training colleges.

TVET-Policy 2019


To provide quality skills training services to all through various forms of TVET delivery (formal, informal, and non-formal) by working with all educational / work-based institutions and providers in the country.


To provide technical guidance and support in the implementation of TVET policies, strategies, and regulations and promote the delivery of quality-employable skills to all persons in Uganda for individual and national development.


Quality-employable skills for all, through inclusive and responsive TVET delivery services


Structure and Staffing levels


Mrs. Loy K Abaine Muhwezi 
Commissioner TVET O&M


Mr. Mubiru David Luyima
Assistant Commissioner OPS
Dr. Eddy Turyatemba
Assistant Commissioner VET